Scratching Technology

Class Rules

Classroom Conduct

  • This is a "fun" class, but you are expected to stay focused on the subject matter while you are in class.
  • Most of your time should be spent creating your own Scratch programs and not playing with the examples you find in Scratch or on the Scratch website.
  • You are expected to frequently save your work to your flash drive. This is how I can be sure you are learning.
  • You may not surf the Internet, watch videos, etc., unless explicitly permitted by the teacher or assistant.
  • Respect your fellow students. We will move or remove students who interfere with their fellow students work.
  • No excess volume on your computer. Your sound will be turned off if you don't cooperate.

Weekly Class Agenda

  • Class starts promptly at 9:00 AM each week.
  • We will have at least one "Show and Tell" session each week for you to share your work with the class. I expect each student to participate at least every other week.
  • We will take a 10 to 15 minute break about halfway through class, normally at 10:10.
  • Class ends at 11:30 AM. Unless you are taking the bus, you are not allowed to leave without a parent or guardian.


  • Please bring your own food for break. You are not allowed to use the vending machines, and they are often not working anyway.


  • Please avoid bringing valuables to class. We try to watch the classrooms, but we are not responsible for anything lost or stolen. If you must bring toys, electronics, etc., to class, do not bring your favorite or most expensive.