(Reformatted from the original by Colin Meltzer)


Try complete the as many of the following challenges as you can in order. It is important that you take your time and really understand the basics.



Challenge 1 - Glide Around the Screen - (Video):

Make the Cat glide around the edge of the screen using just the glide block  and turn block


Challenge 2 - Move in a Rectangle - (Video):

Make the cat move in a rectangle using the following blocks:

                   Move –


                   Turn –


                   Repeat -



Challenge 3 - Walking Cat - (Video):

Animation Station– Make the Cat “Walk” across the screen and say things.


Challenge 4 - Hitting a Wall(Video)

Make the cat move across the screen and if it hits a wall say ouch and    fall down.

          Hint use the if block  -  and





Challenge 5 - Pattern Studio(Video)

Make the cat draw neat designs on the screen. Be creative and experiment with different blocks.

          Hint: Here are some of the blocks you can use:

                   Pen down     

                   Pen up          


Extra Challenge: Can you make it so that you can control the cat with the arrow keys while it draws. You will need to use if statements.


Challenge 6 - Collect the Coins Game  – (Video)

Make the cat move with arrow keys and collect the coins.


Part A: Make the Cat controlled with the arrow keys

Part B: Detect if the Coin is touching the cat and make it hide

Extra Challenge: See if you can keep track of how many coins the player has collected in a variable.



Challenge 7 - Cat and Mouse Game  – (Video)

Make the cat  controlled by the arrow keys chase a mouse around the screen and collect points for catching the mouse.


Part A: Make the Cat controlled by the arrow keys


Part B: Make a mouse move randomly around the screen


Part C: Make it so if the cat touches the mouse it eats it





Challenge 8 - Maze Game  – (Video Example)


           Make the ball navigate through the maze with different levels. Add lives to your game too.


          Some Blocks you can use:

           located in looks in Stage




            Extra Challenge: Add moving obstacles to your stage


Challenge 9 - Pong  – (Ask for an example)


          Make the classic game of pong.


          Part A: Make a ball bounce around the screen

          Part B: Make a paddle move back and forth with the mouse or arrow keys

          Part C: Make the ball bounce off the paddle

                             Hint:  makes the ball  change directions


          Part D: If you miss the ball make sure a life is lost


Challenge 10 - Bricks –  (Ask for an example)


          Make the game of bricks. Be Creative.


          Hint: Have the bricks detect whether the ball hits it and broadcast message to the ball to bounce


          Extra Challenge: Make different Levels





Challenge 11 - Magic 8 Ball           (Video)


          Magic 8 ball: Make an all knowing cat or  magic 8 ball so that when  you click it gives you a random answer.


          Hint: Use a list to store the options



Challenge 12 - Drawing Program  – (Ask for an Example)

Make your very own drawing program. Have a pen which you can draw with the mouse and change colors. Create buttons to control your drawing program.

          Here are some blocks that can help you:






Challenge 13 - Bowling – (Ask for an Example)         


          Make a player  bowl a ball and knock over pins. Use the arrow keys to       aim the ball and space to fire. Keep score.


            Here are some blocks that can help you:







Challenge 14 - Scrolling Background – (Ask for an Example)


          Make a game with a scrolling background (Like Super Mario Brothers)


          Use the Scrolling Background Demo in examples to begin.


Challenge 15 - Make your own game or animation (Ask for an Example)

Create your own Scratch game or animation. Be creative and use all the skills you used in previous challenges. You can ask for some ideas.